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Project Dashboard
The Dashboard page helps you manage your projects in FlutterFlow. You can create, duplicate and delete your projects from this page. This page has links to various resources that can help you to build apps using FlutterFlow. Your account information and plan details are also accessible from this page.
When you are inside any project, this page can be accessed using the Home icon present on the Navigation Menu.

1. Projects

This section displays the projects you have created on FlutterFlow, you can easily navigate to any of them from this page. For creating a new project, you can use the Create Project button here.
You can perform the following actions on projects:
  • Select
    to duplicate your project.
  • Select
    to delete your project (only project owners have this option).
  • Select
    to leave a project where you are not the owner.
You can learn more about managing your projects from the Projects & Sample Apps page.

2. Resources

You will find various useful links that can help you while building apps on FlutterFlow by clicking on the Resources button. Video tutorials are extremely helpful to learn about any concept and feel free to use the Community Forum if you face any issues.
You will also find these resource links on the Introduction page of this documentation.

3. Account

The Account page is helpful if you want to take a look at your account information, or if you want to upgrade to a different FlutterFlow Plan for getting access to more benefits.

4. Logout

To sign out of your current account of FlutterFlow you can use this Logout button.
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