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I can't download my APK.

Check to ensure that "Pop-ups and redirects" are allowed for FlutterFlow in your browser. For Chrome, please follow these steps:
    Select the lock icon in the website address bar.
    A popup will appear. Ensure it says Allow next to pop-ups and redirects.
    Additionally, we recommend you Allow Clipboard as well. You need this to copy-past widgets within FlutterFlow.
Once done, try downloading the APK again.

After I Export My APK, I Have Issues Running It Locally

Please use the steps to troubleshoot this issue:
    Resolve any issues in your project.
    Save the Project before building the APK (Ctrl/Cmd + S).
    Rebuild and download the APK.
    Export the code and run it locally to view any compiler errors.
Last modified 19d ago