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Could not sign in as [email protected] to your Firebase project. Make sure "Email Sign-In" is turned on for your Firebase project, and try again.

Here are the steps to troubleshoot this issue:

Double-check that email sign-in is enabled for your project

Head to the Firebase console for your project, select Authentication (
from the left menu), and then select the Sign-in method tab.
Check to see if Email/Password is listed under Sign-in Providers. Your screen should look like this:
If you don't see Email/Password is listed under Sign-In Providers, you will need to enable it using these steps:
    Select Add New Provider.
    Click on the Email/Password (Under Native Providers section).
    Inside the Sign-in providers section, find the Email/Password switch and enable it.
    Click on the Save button.

Double-check that you have added [email protected] as a project editor

Head to the Firebase console for your project, select Project settings (
from the left menu), and then select the Users and Permissions.
In the Users and Permissions tab, click on Advanced permission settings (
at the bottom of the table)
Next to [email protected] you should see Cloud Functions Admin, Editor and Service Account User listed.
If you don't see these three listed, you will need to Enable Access To Your project using these steps.

Ensure you have defined the fields of your Firebase schema

Only fields defined in your Firebase schema are shown in the Firebase Content Manager.

Ensure You Are On The Latest Version of FlutterFlow

To update to the latest version of FlutterFlow In Chrome:
    Window: Ctrl + R
    Mac: Cmd + R
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