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How To Submit Bug Reports

This page guides you on submitting the bug reports in the GitHub issue tracker.
We created an issues-only GitHub repository for tracking bug reports from the community. 🐛 This will help us better understand the issue and other relevant findings from the community members.
  • You should use this only for reporting FlutterFlow bugs and improvements/addition to the Documentation.
  • Any new features, suggestions, and questions should be discussed in the community or submitted through our user feedback form.
Here is the simple flow you can refer to submit the bug report:
Bug reporting flow
First, open the issue tracker and search to see if it already exists (this will reduce many duplicate issue reports). If it exists, you can upvote the issue by reacting with the Thumbs Up icon. If needed, you can also mention the relevant information which is not disclosed in the original issue description. You can create a new issue with all the required information if the issue is not present.
Here are the step-by-step instructions:
1. Open the issue tracker and click on the New Issue button. Note: If you haven't already, you must create a GitHub account.
Create new issue
2. Select the Bug Report by clicking on the Get Started button.
Select Bug Report
3. Inside the Title box, describe your issue in one line.
Enter issue title
4. Under the Write tab, find the 'Expected behavior' section and enter a clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.
Enter expected behavior
5. Find the 'Current behavior' section and write what happens instead of the expected behavior.
Enter current behavior
6. Under the 'To Reproduce' section, write the step-by-step instructions to reproduce the bug. This will help us diagnose the issue. Note: Issues cannot be accepted if they are too vague. For example, "project fails to build."
Enter steps to reproduce
7. Use the 'Context' section to describe how it has affected you and what you are trying to accomplish.
Enter issue context
8. Any images or video recording will be beneficial. You can upload the media directly by dragging it from your computer under the 'Screenshots' section.
Adding screenshot or recording
9. We must know the environment in which you experienced the issue. You can post such information under the 'Your Environment' section.
Mention your environment
10. Select the Preview tab to see how it will look, and click Submit New Issue.
Submit issue
Once done, your issue will be listed on the issues list, and our team will assign the appropriate label.
Issue listing