SQLite Query

Using this action, you can trigger the Read and Update SQL queries defined in your project.


Before you add this action, ensure you configure the database and define the query. Check detailed instructions here.

Adding SQLite Query action

Follow the steps below to add this action to any widget.

  1. Select the Widget (e.g., Container, Button, etc.) on which you want to add the action.

  2. Select Actions from the Properties panel (the right menu), and click Open. This will open an Action Flow Editor in a new popup window.

  3. Click on the + Add Action.

  4. On the right side, search and select the SQLite Query (under Backend/Database) action.

    1. Select the type of query you want to trigger and then set the Query Name.

    2. For Update Query, you can pass the variable value by clicking on the + Variable button.

    3. For Read Query, you must provide Action Output Variable Name. This will help you retrieve the query result.

Published Date: January 12, 2024

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