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The Text widget is used to show text on the screen. It is one of the most frequently used widgets.

Adding a Text to Your Project

To add the Text widget to your project:
  • Drag the Text widget from the Base Elements or Most Frequently Used Elements tab (in the Widget Panel) or add it directly from the widget tree.
  • To change the text, Move to the Property Editor (on the right side of your screen), find the text with Hello World, change it to Welcome.
Every Text widget added to the project sets the text as Hello World by default, which can be changed by entering the value or setting from a variable.

Changing the Properties

The Properties Panel can be used to customize the appearance and behavior of your widget.

Add Padding

​Here are the instructions on how to add padding.

Adjust the Alignment

​Here are the instructions on adjusting the alignment.

Styling the Text

​Here are the instructions on styling the Text.

Align Text Inside Of A Text Widget

Here's how you align the text inside the Text widget:
  • Select the Text from the widget tree or from the canvas area.
  • Move to the Property Editor (on the right side of your screen) and scroll down to the Text Properties section.
  • Find the Text Align property. By default, the first alignment option is selected which is Left align. Click on the other alignment option to change the text alignment.
For consistency, we recommend creating your custom text styles before starting your project.
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