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Widget Panel
The Widget Panel gives you access to all your UI elements on FlutterFlow. These are basically Flutter widgets that you can drag and drop on your canvas. The search bar is handy if you want to quickly search for any specific widget that you want to add to your app.
Learn more about the different Flutter widgets from here.
The widget panel consists of two tabs: (1) Widgets, and (2) Components.
We are continuously adding new widgets. Don't see the widget you want to use? Submit a feature request inside FlutterFlow!


Widgets (aka elements) are accessible from this Widgets tab. They are sorted into three categories:
    Page Elements
    Base Elements
    Layout Elements
These categories are described in detail below.

Page Elements

The Page Elements section consists of widgets that can be added to any page of the application. They typically have a pre-fixed location, so you can add only one of the same type of widget to the same page (for example, you can't add more than one AppBar to the same page).

Base Elements

The most common widgets that you will need to build your application are present here. This category consists of widgets such as Text, Image, Button, DropDown, Slider, etc.
You are allowed to add several of the same kind of widgets to the same layout. These widgets are also suitable for use as a child or children to other parent widgets.

Layout Elements

Usually, these widgets are used as parent widgets in any layout of the app. They can contain one or multiple widgets inside them (as a child or children). Some of the most commonly used widgets in this category are Container, Column, Card, and ListView.
You are allowed to add more than one of the same kind of layout widgets to a single page of the app.


You can use custom UI components in your project on FlutterFlow. These custom components are accessible from this Components tab. When you create a new project on FlutterFlow it comes with a few pre-built components including sign-in buttons and some styled layouts. If you want to create a new custom component, you can head over to the Select Page or Component section from the Navigation Menu, and click Create New under the Components tab.
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