Deleting Data

This page describes how to delete a document from inside your Firestore collection.


Before getting started with this section:

Deleting a Document

Here we'll see how to delete a single Todo item from the list.
Deleting Todo item
Showing and deleting document data consists of the following steps:
  1. 1.
    ​Building a page (you can skip this if you already have a page designed)

1. Building a page

First, let's design a page that allows you to see and delete the Todo details.
  • Create a page with ListView and display the Todo items from the Firestore collection using the instructions here.
  • Select the ListTile (inside the Listview), move to the property editor, and turn on the Slidable property.
  • Select the SlidableActionWidget, change its Text to Delete, set its Color to red, and change the Icon Selector to delete.
Building a page

2. Adding action to delete record

When you run the app, it should like the visual shown at the start of the section.