Application & Data Ownership

Intellectual Property

At FlutterFlow, we champion the principle of "Own Your Code," reflecting our commitment to enabling creators to retain ownership of their work. As you develop using FlutterFlow, you own the output of your work.

FlutterFlow incorporates open-source packages which are included in the code you export. We are diligent in our selection of packages, opting for those with commercially friendly licenses, and any FlutterFlow-generated helpers or libraries will consistently adhere to permissive licenses such as MIT or BSD-3-Clause.

Please be aware that third-party Flutter packages may undergo license changes or have dependencies that are not as commercially permissive. We recommend adhering to industry-standard practices to ensure compliance with all relevant licensing requirements.

Please read our Terms of Service for full details on our Intellectual Property policies.

Data Handling and Privacy

The mobile applications you create with FlutterFlow are designed to operate independently of FlutterFlow's services, ensuring that your end-users' data remains exclusively within your application's ecosystem and does not interact with our servers.

In instances where you utilize FlutterFlow's hosting services for web applications, either through our subdomain or your custom domain, we are responsible solely for delivering the frontend of the compiled Flutter web application to your end-users.

FlutterFlow maintains a strict policy of non-interference with your end-users' data; we do not access, store, or collect any such data through our hosting infrastructure.

Please read our Privacy Policy for full details.

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