FlutterFlow Squad

FF Squad members are FlutterFlow power users who help build, grow, and manage the FlutterFlow community. You will also have early access to test new FlutterFlow features before they are released.

Role of the FF Squad

When you join the Squad, you'll pick 1 of 3 focus areas
  • Help: Answer user questions on Discord, Community and other social platforms (e.g. Twitter, YouTube).
  • Improve: Help moderate and organize the bug tracker.
  • Teach: Create FlutterFlow examples, write guest blog posts, create documentation or help articles, and/or publish tutorial videos.
Although you pick a main focus area, you are welcome to contribute across all 3!

Benefits for The Squad

  • Monthly AMA sessions with members of the FlutterFlow Team
  • Access to a beta version of FlutterFlow to use and share feedback on new (not yet released) FlutterFlow Features
  • Free Pro plan access (must be active an active Squad member for this benefit).
  • We'll help you build your audience by promoting your FlutterFlow content on our social channels
  • FlutterFlow swag


How do I apply to join the Squad?

Applications are currently closed, but we will announce the next round of applications soon!

What if I become too busy to continue as a Squad member?

No worries, you can always step back if things get too busy on your side!