A "Flow" in FlutterFlow is a fully functional feature ready to be added to your app. A Flow can have multiple pages and components, including actions, logic, and schema.

For example, our account creation flow includes fully configured pages for login, account creation, profile editing, phone verification, and forgotten passwords.

Currently, we only support adding existing Flows; the option to create your own Flow is planned for a future update.

Adding Flow

Here's how you can add the Flow to your project:

  1. Click the Add button on the Canvas.

  2. Select Flows.

  3. Find the Flow you want to add and then click Add to Project.

  4. Once added, you might see some errors based on your project's current setup. For example, if you add a Flow that requires Firebase authentication, you'll see some auth-related errors, and you must configure your project accordingly to get the Flow working.

The pages for each Flow will be organized in folders named after the respective Flow.

Published Date: November 27, 2023

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