Storage Rules

Like Firestore security rules, Firebase Storage security rules control who can access files that are uploaded by your users in your application.

For example, by setting the storage rules, you can only allow a user to upload or send images if they are authenticated (e.g., Email, Google Sign-in, etc.).

If you are brand new to storage rules, you may want to check out this overview about Getting Started With Storage Rules.

Deploying storage rules

To deploy the storage rules:

  1. First, make sure Firebase Storage is enabled or configured in your project by visiting the Firebase console and viewing the Storage tab.

  2. Return to FlutterFlow, navigate to Settings & Integrations > Project Setup > Firebase.

  3. Scroll down to the Firebase Storage section.

  4. To set the storage rules outside of the FlutterFlow (i.e., from the Firebase Console), enable the Manage Outside of FlutterFlow.

  5. To only allow accessing the images, videos, files, etc., to the users who uploaded it, enable Make Users Uploads Private.

  6. Click the Deploy button.

  7. A pop-up will open. Click Yes to continue.

  8. Click Deploy Now.

Learn more

Learn more about Firebase Storage Rules here.

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