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Welcome to the FlutterFlow Marketplace Creators' Hub! This section is designed to provide you with all the necessary information to contribute effectively and responsibly to Marketplace. Whether you are submitting your first item or looking to understand the legal nuances, you'll find detailed guidelines and helpful tips here.

Submitting an Item for Review

Learn how to prepare and submit your items to the Marketplace with our step-by-step guide.

pageSubmitting an Item for Review

See also our Item Submission Guidelines to understand the criteria we apply during the review process.

A user-friendly guide outlining what content can and cannot be published on our Marketplace.

pageLegal Guidelines for Creators

We've also compiled information on dealing with external licenses, including excerpts from popular third-party marketplaces that restrict the creation of templates on platforms like FlutterFlow Marketplace.

Navigating External Licenses

Finally, we have a detailed guide on how we handle DMCA takedown notices. This is crucial for understanding how to manage copyright issues and ensure compliance.

Copyright (DMCA) Process

Creator FAQs

Find answers to common questions from fellow creators.

pageCreator FAQs

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