Creator FAQs

Why might my item be removed from Marketplace?

Your item might be removed from the Marketplace under several circumstances, mainly related to legal and quality standards. Here are the specific reasons:

  • DMCA Takedown Notices: If we receive a DMCA takedown notice claiming that your item infringes on someone else's copyright, we are legally required to remove the item immediately. We will notify you of the takedown, and you will have the opportunity to respond or counter-claim according to the legal processes set out by the DMCA. Please see Copyright (DMCA) Process for details.

  • Other IP Violations: If your item is found to violate IP laws outside of a formal DMCA complaint—i.e. if filed by someone other than the original author or their representative—we will inform you of the specific violation. You will be given a chance to provide proof of licensing or to correct the issue within 48 hours. If satisfactory proof or corrections are not provided, the item may be removed to comply with legal standards. Please see Copyright (DMCA) Process for details.

  • Violation of Marketplace Policies: Aside from copyright issues, if your item violates other Marketplace policies, such as those related to quality, accuracy, or ethical standards, you will be notified of the specific issues. We will provide you with details about the violation and, depending on the severity, you may be asked to modify the item or it might be removed. Please see Marketplace Item Submission Guidelines for more details.

  • Critical Item Reports: If we receive reports from users or other creators that critically challenge the legality or appropriateness of your item (e.g., reports of plagiarism, false advertising, or severe quality issues), these will be thoroughly investigated. Based on the findings, and in accordance with our commitment to maintaining a trustworthy and high-quality Marketplace, your item might be subject to removal. We will communicate with you throughout this process, offering details of the report and an opportunity to respond.

Will I be notified if my item is removed from Marketplace?

Yes, in all cases, you will be notified if your item is removed from FlutterFlow Marketplace.

Can I list my item on other marketplaces?

No. You cannot sell FlutterFlow projects on other marketplaces. Please see the non-circumvention clause in our Marketplace Terms of Service.

This policy helps ensure that all interactions with FlutterFlow templates are safe, compliant, and effectively managed for our users.

What licenses are granted to users of my item?

When users purchase or add items from the FlutterFlow Marketplace, they are granted use under specific licenses:

  • Free items are generally covered under the MIT License (Open Source License), which allows extensive freedom to use, modify, and redistribute the content.

  • Paid items are usually governed by Single Use License.

Please refer to the specific restrictions and conditions outlined in our Marketplace Terms of Service for each license type.

What if someone copies my template code or design?

Please reach out to for next steps.

🚨 Reporting Process

What happens if someone reports my item?

We will always notify you if your item is removed from Marketplace.

If the reporter is the original author and files a DMCA notice, the item will be removed immediately as required by law. You will be notified and have the opportunity to submit counter-evidence. Please see Copyright (DMCA) Process for details.

For other reports, we will notify you 48 hours before taking any action. During this time, you may submit counter-evidence or clarify the situation.

If my item is reported, what details will you share with me?

When your item is reported, our goal is to maintain transparency while respecting privacy and legal constraints. Here’s what we will share with you:

  • Report Type: We will inform you about the specific nature of the complaint, such as whether it’s a copyright or quality issue.

  • Relevant Details: We will provide any non-confidential details submitted within the report that you need to understand the complaint and to formulate your response.

  • Deadlines: We will inform you of any deadlines by which you need to respond or take corrective action to avoid having your item removed from Marketplace.

Please note that we will not share the identity of the reporter.

If my item is reported, what details will you share with the original reporter?

When a report is filed, we ensure that the process is fair and respects the privacy of all parties involved. Here’s what we will share with the original reporter:

  • Confirmation of Report: We will acknowledge receipt of their report and confirm that we are taking it seriously.

  • Contact Email: We will provide your Marketplace Creator official email as specified in your public profile.

What if I see low-quality items on the Marketplace? How can I report an item?

We strive to maintain a high standard, but some items may not meet these expectations. If you encounter an item on the Marketplace that appears to violate our policies, please submit feedback using one of the channels described on this page:

pageSubmitting Feedback for Items

📦 Item Submission and Review

What is the criteria for getting my item approved for Marketplace?

Please see our Item Submission Guidelines.

What happens if my item is rejected?

If your item is not approved, it will be returned to draft status, allowing you to make the required edits. We will provide you with detailed feedback via email, specifying the criteria it did not meet. You can then make the necessary adjustments and resubmit it for review.

When will my template be reviewed?

We have significantly improved our review wait time recently!

We aim to review your template within 7 days. However, depending on the volume of submissions or the complexity of your submission, the review process can take up to 30 days (20 business days).

🖐️ Other Questions?

If your question is not covered here, please first review the other documentation pages within the Marketplace section. If you are still facing issues, please reach out to the appropriate channel:

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