Copyright (DMCA) Process

Important: this guide is meant for creators of items on FlutterFlow Marketplace. If you want to provide feedback on an item published in FlutterFlow Marketplace, please follow the relevant instructions at Submitting Feedback for Items.

As a valued creator on the FlutterFlow Marketplace, it's important to understand the process that unfolds when an item you've submitted receives an infringement report. Our approach distinguishes between two main types of allegations: DMCA infringement claims and other types of infringement allegations.

DMCA Infringement Claims

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a US copyright law that provides a mechanism for copyright owners to request the removal of content they believe infringes on their copyright. Here's how we handle these specific claims:

  1. Immediate Action: If an infringement report is classified as a DMCA claim and the reporter provides adequate proof of ownership or authorized representation, we are legally required to act quickly. In such cases, the reported item is immediately removed from FlutterFlow Marketplace.

  2. Notification Email: Upon removal, you will receive an email notification outlining the details of the claim and the steps you can take if you believe the item was wrongly removed.

  3. (Optional) Counter-Notice: If you choose to submit a counter-notice, we will provide guidance on the process. Please email with any relevant details.

Other Infringement Allegations

For other infringement reports, specifically those filed by individuals who are neither the copyright owner nor their authorized representatives, we follow a different process:

  1. Credibility Review: Our team will first assess the credibility of the report. We will engage with the reporter to gather additional information if the initial claim lacks sufficient detail. If we determine the claim appears credible, we will then proceed to notify you the creator.

    1. Evidence of Prior Publication: In cases where an infringement allegation is supported by a URL linking to similar content that was clearly published prior to the date of submission on FlutterFlow Marketplace, this URL will be considered sufficient preliminary evidence to establish the credibility of the claim.

  2. 48 Hours Notice: When we receive a non-DMCA allegation that is deemed credible after our initial review, we will notify you and provide a 48-hour period for you to respond to the claim. This window allows you to present any counter-evidence or resolve the issue by modifying or removing the item yourself.

  3. Review of Evidence: If you provide evidence or make changes that address the report's concerns, we will review this new information before making a final decision on the item's status in Marketplace.

  4. Resolution: If, after reviewing the evidence, the claim is found to be credible, or if no response is received within the 48-hour window, we will proceed with removing the item from Marketplace and inform you of the action taken.

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