Upgrade Or Change Plan

This section covers:

  • How to upgrade or change your Flutterflow plan
  • How to check which plan you are subscribed to
For information on the Teams plan, please use this link

Have Do I Upgrade / Change My FlutterFlow Plan?

To change your plan type, please follow these steps:
  • After logging into your FlutterFlow, select “Account” from the top right.
  • In the My Plan section, select Change Plan.
  • Select the button under the plan you would like to change to.
  • Enter your payment information and select Subscribe.
  • The main FlutterFlow page will open.

How Do I Check What Plan I Am Subscribed To?

To view your plan details, go to the Flutterflow Account Page and select Manage Billing.
The Current Plan section will show which plan you are subscribed to.