Current Time

This property is used to get the current date and time. You can access this when the Source is set to Global Properties.
You can use this property to display the current date and time on screen or pass it to the FlutterFlow or Custom widget.

How to get the Current Time

There can be many use cases that involve retrieving the current date time, but for simplification, let's see the typical use case of getting the current date time and passing it to a widget (that supports accepting date-time).
Here is an example of how you can retrieve the current date time:
  • Select the widget (e.g. Text, TextField, Calendar) from the widget tree or canvas area.
  • Move to the properties panel, and click on Set from Variable.
  • Set the Source to Global Properties.
  • Set the Available Options to Current Time.
  • If available, select the Date Format Options to format the date time.
  • Click Confirm.
Getting current date time