The first thing you see when you log in to FlutterFlow is the Dashboard. It provides a centralized location for managing projects, such as creating new ones, searching, deleting, and duplicating project. In addition, the dashboard allows you to set the desired theme, whether dark or light, for easy viewing.
The dashboard enables easy access to organizational resources, enabling team members to collaborate and work together seamlessly. Furthermore, the dashboard is integrated with a marketplace, allowing users to browse and download widgets, templates, and plugins.
You can also get links to various resources that can help you build apps using FlutterFlow. Your account information and plan details are also accessible from this page.

1. Projects

This section displays the projects you have created in FlutterFlow. You can easily navigate to any of them from here. Use the overflow menu (
) to duplicate, delete, leave the project, or open the project in a new browser tab.
When you duplicate a project containing the Firebase setup, you will need to delete the config files in your duplicated project and complete a new Firebase setup for your project.

2. Dark/Light mode switch

The Dark/Light mode switch allows you to choose between a light and dark color scheme for our app builder.
From here, you can search for your project.

4. Filter projects

You can use this dropdown menu to filter your projects based on their privacy settings. You can filter projects that are marked as private, shared by you, or shared with you.

5. Add project label

From here, you can create and add a label to projects, providing a quick and organized way to classify and identify projects based on their characteristics, purpose, or status.
To add a label, simply click the three dots option menu on the project tile, select Add Label, and then click on the label you want to set. Later, you can search and filter the projects based on the labels.
Add project label

6. Create a new project

For creating a new project, you can use the + Create New button. Learn more about creating a new project.

7. Marketplace

Enhance your FlutterFlow app effortlessly with the FlutterFlow Marketplace; access pre-built components and templates created by other users for seamless integration of new functionalities.

8. My organization

From here, you can share custom code, assets, design systems, and APIs between your team users and across projects.

9. Resources

You will find various useful links that can help you while building apps on FlutterFlow by clicking on the Resources button. Video tutorials are extremely helpful for learning about any concept, and feel free to use the Community Forum if you face any issues.
A community forum requires an account, which we'll auto-create when you click on the 'FlutterFlow Community' tile and redirect you to the forum. However, if you wish to use a different password for the forum account, you can go to forum settings and click 'Forget Password.'

10. Account

Click here to open your Account page. This is helpful if you want to take a look at your account information, upload a profile picture, reset your password, see your referrals, or delete your account.

11. Plan info

Here you see the name of your current plan and also upgrade to access additional benefits.

12. Logout

You can use this button to safely log out from your FlutterFlow account.