This page allows you to add the API URL and Anon key for connecting your app to the Supabase Database.


Before you proceed, please make sure you have completed the Supabase setup.


Follow the steps below to add the API URL and Anon key:

  1. In your Supabase project, navigate to Project Settings > API. Copy the Project URL.

  2. Return to FlutterFlow, navigate to Settings and Integrations > Integrations > Supabase. Turn on the toggle (i.e., enable Supabase) and paste the API URL.

  3. Similarly, from the Supabase API section, copy the anon key (under Project API keys) and paste it inside the FlutterFlow > Settings and Integrations > Integrations > Supabase > Anon Key.

  4. Click on the Get Schema button. This will show the list of all tables with their schema (structure) created in Supabase.

  5. (Optional) If you have defined an Array for any Column Data Type in Supabase, you must set its type here. To do so, tap the "Click to set Array type" and choose the right one.

Whenever you make changes related to tables in Supabase, hit the Get Schema button again to reflect the changes here.

Your app is now connected to Supabase! You can continue to learn about how to add Supabase Authentication and Database.

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