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Backend Query
Backend Query helps you to trigger a query automatically whenever a user navigates to the page containing the query. You can set a Backend Query either on a certain widget or on an entire page. The information that is retrieved using the Backend Query can be used in any widget present inside.

Types of Query

FlutterFlow provides the following types of Backend Queries that you can specify on any widget or page of your app (you can navigate to the specific Backend Query page to learn how to use it):
  • ​Query Collection: Used to retrieve a record (or a list of records) from a Firestore Collection.
  • ​Document from Reference: Used to retrieve the details from a document reference.
  • ​API Call: Used to trigger an API call.
  • ​Algolia Search: Used to trigger an Algolia search on a Firestore Collection.
The difference between an Action and a Backend Query:
Action requires the user to perform a gesture like a tap or a double-tap on the widget containing the Action. You can specify more than one Action on the same widget.
Whereas, Backend Query gets triggered automatically as soon as the user navigates to the page containing the query. You can specify only one Backend Query on a particular widget or page.
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