Firebase Content Manager

The Firebase Content Manager provides an easy way for you to visually create, edit, and add documents to your Firestore database. This feature is included in our Pro plans.

Firebase Content Manager


  • Ensure you have completed all steps in the Firebase Setup section for your project.

  • Ensure you have defined the fields of your Firebase schema. Only fields defined in your Firebase schema are shown in the Firebase Content Manager.

Adding A New Document

  • Select Firestore from the Navigation Menu and then select Manage Content.

  • Select the Collection you would like to add a document to and then select + Add Document.

  • A popup will appear. Enter the information for the record and select Add Document.

  • You will now see the record displayed in your Collection.

Updating A New Document

  • Select the pencil icon in the row of the Document you want to update. You can also open the record by long-pressing any field in the Document (excluding the ID).

  • A popup will appear. Update the document as needed and then select Update Document.

  • You will now see the updated information displayed in your collection.

Copying A Document

  • Identify the document you want to duplicate and then double-click on the ID.

  • A copy of the document will be added to your collection.

Other Tips & Tricks

  • Clicking on the ID field will copy the *reference* to a record. This is a helpful feature when you need to reference a user while you are creating a document.

  • Clicking on assets will open the asset URL.