Build Your First App

This page will guide you through the process of creating two basic applications. These applications are designed to be straightforward, yet they'll introduce you to some fundamental concepts in app development.

1. Travel App (with local data)

Our first example is a Travel App showing various travel places. It uses local data, meaning the information about these places is stored within the app itself. That means we're not fetching the information from the internet or a remote server. This typically involves storing data in local variables, giving you firsthand experience working with internal data storage techniques.

pageTravel App (with local data)

2. Travel App (Firestore data)

The second app is almost similar to the first one. However, this one gets its data from a remote server. We'll use Firebase for this, a popular platform for developing web and mobile apps. Firebase allows our app to fetch data over the internet, meaning that the list of places can be updated or changed without updating the app itself. This approach is excellent for data that changes frequently.

pageTravel App (Firestore data)

These two simple apps serve as starting points, each demonstrating building a page and using different ways to store data in your app. As you continue to build more complex apps, understanding these concepts will be crucial.

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