Deleting Data

This page describes how to delete a document from inside your Firestore collection.

Before You Begin:

  1. Finish the steps in the Firebase Setup for your project.

  2. Set up a Collection.

Deleting a document

Let's see how to delete a single Todo item from the list.

Deleting a document data consists of the following steps:

  1. Building a page (skip this if you already have a page designed)

1. Building a page

First, let's design a page that allows you to see and delete the Todo details.

  1. Create a page with ListView and display the Todo items from the Firestore collection using the instructions here.

  2. Add the ListTile (inside the Listview), move to the property editor, and turn on the Slidable property.

  3. Select the SlidableActionWidget, change its Text to Delete, set its Color to red, and change the Icon Selector to delete.

2. Adding action to delete record

Check how to add an action to delete a record.

Last Updated Date: September 28, 2023

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