App Assets

This allows you to upload the images to be used by the app. From here, you can upload the Initial splash image and the image for the app launcher icon.


Splash screens are the first thing users see when your app starts up. They give the app time to get ready while showing you something fun or informative. This screen typically contains the image or logo of the app.

The steps to configure the splash screen are as follows:

  1. Under the Splash section, click on the Upload Image button and upload the image you would like to display on the splash screen.

  2. You can try any of the Image Fit options to determine how the uploaded image should display on the splash screen.

  3. To control the image dimension by yourself, you can set the width and height properties.

    • To set an exact size, select PX and enter the desired values.

    • To set the dimensions as a % of the screen size, select % and enter the desired value.

  4. The Min Duration property helps you set the time for which the splash screen will be visible, where (1000ms = 1 second).

  5. You can also set a Background Color to match the background of the image.

  6. In mobile apps, you might occasionally notice a blank white screen briefly appearing (as the Flutter engine loads) before the splash screen is displayed. To change the color of this screen, use the Pre-loading Color property.

  7. Typically, web apps don't use a splash screen, so If you prefer a more traditional web experience, you can choose to Disable for Web.

Launcher Icon

The launcher icon (also known as the app icon) represents your application. When you open the launcher app, it shows the app icons for all the installed apps. It acts as an entry point for your app. The image asset that you will upload here will be used as the app launcher icon.

To add the app launcher icon:

  1. Under the General section, select App Assets.

  2. Under the Launcher Icon section, click on the Upload Image button.

  3. By clicking on the Unset dropdown menu, you can also select from the already uploaded images to the Project Media/Assets.

  4. Download the project and run your app on a real device or emulator to see the app launcher icon.

Last Updated Date: August 14, 2023

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