Update Page State

Using this action, you can set/clear values for the Page State variable.


Before you add this action, you'll need to create the Page State variable.

Types of update

There are the following types of updates you can make to a Page State variable:

  • Set Value: Used to set the value either from any other variable or a specific one.

  • Clear Value: Used to remove the already stored value.

  • Increment/Decrement: Used to increment or decrement the value of a variable defined as an Integer.

  • Add to List: Used to add an item to the variable defined as List.

  • Remove from List: Used to remove an item from the variable defined as List.

Adding Update Page State action

Follow the steps below to add this action to any widget.

  1. Select the Widget (e.g., Button) on which you want to add the action.

  2. Select Actions from the properties panel (the right menu), If it's the first action, click the + Add Action button. Otherwise, click the "+" button below the previous action tile (inside Action Flow Editor) and select Add Action.

  3. Search and select the Update Page State (under State Management) action.

  4. Click on + Add Field and select the field you want to update.

  5. Expand the field section and Select Update Type. Further options are displayed based on the update type selected.

  6. Now you can provide a value either From Variable or from a Specific Value. For example, to provide value from a widget state, select UNSET > Widget State > [widget_name].

  7. Optional: you can also specify how this update will affect your app.

    • Rebuild Current Page: This will redraw the UI of the current page.

    • No Rebuild: This won't rebuild anything.

To update multiple page state variables one after another, simply click + Add Field and chain the next variable using this action.

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