Control Tab Bar

By using this action, you can gain more control over the tab-switching behavior of the TabBar widget. For instance, you can enable users to move to the next or previous tab with a single tap of a button or to quickly jump to a specific tab based on their preferences.


Before you add this action, ensure you have added the TabBar widget on a page.

Types of action

These are the types of actions you can add to the TabBar.

  • Previous: Switch to the previous tab in the TabBar.

  • Next: Switch to the next tab in the TabBar.

  • First: Switch to the first tab in the TabBar.

  • Last: Switch to the last tab in the TabBar.

  • Jump to: Switch to a specific tab in the TabBar. Please note that the tab index starts from 0. So, if you want to jump to tab 1, you should enter 0. If you want to jump to tab 2, you should enter 1, and so on.

Adding Control Tab Bar action

Follow the steps below to add this action to any widget.

  1. Select the Widget (e.g., Container, Button, etc.) on which you want to add the action.

  2. Select Actions from the properties panel (the right menu), If it's the first action, click + Add Action button. Otherwise, click the "+" button below the previous action tile (inside Action Flow Editor) and select Add Action.

  3. Search and select the Control Tab Bar (under Widget/UI Interactions) action.

  4. Set the Tab Bar to Control to the name of the tab bar added to your page.

  5. Select the action type.

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