Customer Support Policy

We love connecting with our users and supporting you as you build your application! However, there are a few things that fall outside of the scope of our support team. To avoid confusion, we've created this document to outline our Customer Support Policy.

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Support Hours

Our support team is available from 5 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

How To Reach Us

  • Pro and Teams users can reach us using the in-app chat inside of FlutterFlow

  • We can also be reached at

What We Can Help With

We are happy to provide guidance on what is possible within FlutterFlow (e.g. can I use non-Firebase authentication), but we don't provide instructions on how to design/build/troubleshoot these features (e.g., how do I implement authentication via Microsoft).

Feature Design & Implementation

We'd love to help you build your dream app, but there are some topics that are outside of the scope of our support team. If you aren't sure how to implement something, we recommend reaching out to the FlutterFlow Community or connecting with a FlutterFlow Expert.

The following topics are out of the scope of our support team:

  • Feature Design & Implementation

  • Data Infrastructure Design

  • Integration & Troubleshooting of 3rd-party APIs

  • Implementation and troubleshooting of Custom Widgets and Code

Additional Resources

Tutorials & How-To Guides Our YouTube channel contains a variety of tutorials and how-to videos. In addition to our documentation, our blog also contains a number of how-to guides.

Troubleshooting Guides Our documentation contains a number of troubleshooting guides to help you diagnose and fix common issues. Additionally, our Community Forum is a great place to get ideas and troubleshooting tips from fellow FlutterFlow builders. Lastly, you can connect with a FlutterFlow Expert to help you troubleshoot an issue or implement a complex new feature.

Bug Reporting Process

We regularly release feature updates and bug releases. To make sure you are on the most recent version of FlutterFlow select Ctrl/Cmd + R.

If you think you've found a bug, please submit an in-app bug report or let us know via chat (Standard and Pro users only). Please make sure to include:

  • A link to your project

  • The page(s) effected

  • The expected behavior and the behavior you are experiencing

Our Approach To Fixing Bugs

To ensure we fix the most critical issues first, we assess each bug based on the severity and number of users impacted.

Our highest priority is fixing critical issues that impact a large number of users. Issues impacting a smaller number of users or that have a workaround are addressed after any critical issues are fixed.

We provide updates on our bug fixes in our marketing emails and in our Release Tracker.

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