Adding New Page

You can create and manage pages inside the Page Selector option from the Navigation Menu. You can either start from a blank page or use one of our custom-designed screen templates.

Add page

To add a new page:

  1. Open the Page Selector from the Navigation Menu and click the + icon button.

  2. To start from a blank page, click Create Blank (under Blank Page).

  3. To use the template, search for the kind of page you want and select Use My Theme.

  4. Provide the Page Name and click Create Page.

AI Gen Page

See how to create a page using AI Gen.

Page Options: Duplicate, Copy, Delete

Once you've added a page, right-click on it to access options for duplicating, copying, or deleting it.

Organize pages

You can group and organize your pages inside the folders. Organizing your pages into folders allows you to quickly find the pages instead of manually going or searching through a long list.

To organize pages into folders:

  1. Open the Page Selector from the Navigation Menu. If you opted for Stack Pages and Widget Tree Views, open the Widget Tree menu.

  2. Click on the New Folder icon and then provide the Folder Name.

  3. Drag the pages inside the newly created folder.

  4. Right-click on the folder, and you'll see an option to add a new folder, page, or component and rename and delete the folder.

Last Updated Date: April 5, 2024

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