Upload Signature

Using this action, you can upload the drawn signature from the signature widget to Firebase Storage. This action returns the Uploaded URL, which you can use to show its content or store in a database to access it later.


  • Firebase should be connected to your project. Follow the instructions on this page for integrating Firebase with FlutterFlow.

  • Firebase Authentication must be properly configured. Check out this page for setting up authentication.

  • Firebase Storage rules must be deployed. Check out this page to deploy Firebase Storage rules.

  • Ensure you have added the Signature widget on your page.

Adding Upload Signature action

Go to your project page on FlutterFlow and follow the steps below to define the Action to any widget.

  1. Select the Widget (e.g., Button) on which you want to define the action.

  2. Select Actions from the Properties panel (the right menu), and click Open. This will open an Action flow Editor in a new popup window.

    1. Click on the + Add Action.

    2. On the right side, search and select Upload Signature.

    3. Set the Signature to Upload to the name of the signature widget. (i.e., Signature by default).

  3. Click Close.

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