Navigating External Licenses

A guide to common marketplace licensure for FlutterFlow Marketplace creators

We know navigating the world of licenses and copyright rules can be a bit daunting, so we’ve put together this guide to help simplify things for you. Here, we’ll cover some of the most common licensing terms you’ll encounter and explain key concepts that will assist you in creating unique and compliant content for FlutterFlow Marketplace.

Keep in mind that while we aim to highlight the most prominent licenses, it’s crucial to always check the most recent and applicable license terms for any assets you plan to use. If you’re ever unsure, please consult the relevant content provider or original author.

Key Terms

"Derivative Work"

The term Derivative Work refers to any new creation that incorporates a copyrighted asset in a form that is still closely related to the original. Most licenses, especially in digital marketplaces, prohibit using assets to create derivative works that are then sold as standalone products or used as base templates in a marketplace. This means you cannot take a design template, make minor adjustments, and resell it as your own template. The creation of derivative works generally requires significant transformation of the original asset, ensuring the final product is distinct enough to not merely be a slight variation of the original.

"End Product"

Some licenses may permit “unlimited end products”. However, it's important to understand that this typically refers to the ability to create multiple final projects using the original asset as long as each project remains within the terms set out by the original license. An End Product is a final, functional, and complete creation that is built from the initial resources but is substantially different from them. In the context of app development, an end product is typically the final app delivered to users, not an app template intended for further development or resale.

License Examples

As seen from the licensing terms of platforms like UI8, Envato, Creative Market, and Canva, there are clear restrictions against using their items directly or in slightly modified forms as base materials for creating new FlutterFlow Marketplace items. This practice could violate copyright laws and the specific licensing agreements set by these platforms.

License Terms:

Relevant Products: All Access Pass (Basic, Elite, and Lifetime)

Excerpt (as of April 22, 2024)

[You cannot] make a theme, template or derivative work of any product to sell on any marketplace.

Legal Contact:

Result: ❌ Not allowed to use in creating FlutterFlow Marketplace template

Securing Explicit Permissions

In situations where standard licensing does not meet the specific needs of your project or where the terms seem restrictive, obtaining explicit permission from the original content creators can be a viable solution. This allows for flexibility and ensures that your use of the assets is legally sound.

We encourage reaching out directly to copyright holders whenever you are considering uses that are not clearly allowed under the standard license terms. Documenting such permissions in writing is essential to avoid any future misunderstandings or legal disputes.

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